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7 For All Mankind - Marques' Almeida7 For All Mankind - Marques' Almeida

We have teamed up with design duo Marques'Almeida on a sustainably-led collection featuring patchwork construction and no impact hardware that's kinder to the environment.

7 For All Mankind - Patchwork7 For All Mankind - Patchwork

The emphasis on patchwork showcases the ways fabric has been given new life: gradients of recycled blue highlight the whiskering and creasing of the original materials.

7 For All Mankind - Sustainable7 For All Mankind - Sustainable

As part of our Sustainable For All Mankind global initiative, the capsule is designed to bring awareness to the issue of wastage in the fashion industry.

7 For All Mankind - premium denim7 For All Mankind - premium denim
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