"Which Item of Clothing is Hardest to Buy Online?"

If we asked you the question: "Which item of clothing is hardest to buy online?" what would you answer. We asked over 1,000 people in the UK with surprising results..

29.5% Answered That "Jeans" Are The Hardest Item of Clothing to Buy Online.

In other words, almost a third of men and women in the UK feel that 'Jeans' are the hardest fashion item to purchase on the web. And this was a "free text" survey - respondents could answer anything they liked. "Shoes" & "Footwear" came 2nd with a combined 18.2%. "Boxers" & "Knickers" came third at 9.7%, and "Dresses" came 4th at 6.3%

We even split the answers by Gender (29.4% of men said "Jeans" were hardest to buy, 31.6% of women). And then we split it by age too: Across 11 of the 12 age/gender categories we looked at, the answer was the same: Jeans are really hard to buy online. From Skinny Jeans to High Waist Jeans to Straight Legs & Bootcuts, people are struggling to buy.

Take a look at the graphic below for full findings, do share this via Twitter and Facebook, (and keep scrolling to find out what 7 For All Mankind are doing about it!)

Jeans - Hardest Clothing to Buy Online

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So how do you buy jeans online?

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